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Albert Keijzer is aware of her social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility is in Albert Keijzer's genes. The company focuses not only on society, but also on the well-being of its employees. With regard to the latter, our company provides a healthy, attractive working environment and good terms of employment. As a company with a flat organisational structure, we are transparent and accessible to each individual employee. All of our disciplines are represented on the work floor in the core team and they function as the mouthpiece between management and staff.

From the heart.

Years ago, Co Keijzer was personally involved with Stichting Gehandicapten Manege De Blijde Ruiters: the arena on the premises was made available to provide riding lessons for people with disabilities. Later, the foundation moved to its own riding school, made possible in part by contributions from Albert Keijzer. The Keijzer family has passed on this social involvement to its staff. On the company's initiative, Stichting Hulpfonds Albert Keijzer was founded. This foundation receives its funds from employee contributions, and each contribution is doubled by Albert Keijzer. With these funds, the Foundation mainly provides financial and material support to persons and institutions in the regions in the Netherlands where Albert Keijzer employees live and work. This can be through direct support for individuals or through support for projects with the same objective as Stichting Hulpfonds. Since its establishment, the foundation has contributed to many initiatives, including Stichting Tante Lenie, Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (Kika), Stichting voor Geestelijk en Maatschappelijk Welzijn Gehandicapten Nederland (SWGN), Jeugdsportfonds Zaanstreek and Jeugdcultuurfonds Zaanstreek. These are all organisations that focus on the welfare of (needy) children and their families. However, social involvement is not limited to the 'official' contributions on behalf of Albert Keijzer or Stichting Hulpfonds. Many of our drivers have participated in the various truckruns organised in the Netherlands. At these truckruns, the drivers give people with a mental and/or physical handicap a fantastic and unforgettable day. On this day, they are co-drivers in a truck and drive a route through the area while sounding the horn. In the years to come, Albert Keijzer will continue to dedicate itself to charities that fit within the foundation's objectives. In addition to paying attention to all expectations and future developments, we want to keep our social commitment intact as an important part of company policy in all circumstances.

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