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Future vision keeps Albert Keijzer moving forward.

In recent years, the transport sector has been in a state of flux, both on the road and in the development of equipment and organisations. For some time now, there have been increasing regulations surrounding the transport of goods. The situation 25 years ago is not comparable to the situation today, and what is normal today will be outdated in 25 years. It is up to Albert Keijzer's management to respond to developments, and not be left behind. This requires vision, courage and a thorough knowledge of the market in which the company operates and of the wishes and expectations of the clients it serves.

We can go further together.

By focusing on the transport of high-quality foods, Albert Keijzer has developed into a valued business partner of its clients. In that role, Albert Keijzer likes t help its clients come up with ideas to further improve the logistic process and create a win-win situation for all parties. Hot issues in this process are reducing the environmental impact, reducing waste streams and providing better and faster information to clients. In recent years, 'just in time' deliveries have become the rule rather than the exception, which puts more pressure on the links in the chain than before. The attention for the environment is expected to grow in the coming years. Over the past few years, Albert Keijzer has focused strongly on developments in the environmental field, and the company has had the 'Lean and Green' certificate since 2010.

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